Rowan Smy began his career in Sydney, Australia, where he first started working at his local recording studio. Through bands and projects of his own, his desire to make music and better his own recordings helped develop his interest in sound design and music production.
Pursuing his musical ambitions as a guitarist and singer/songwriter, Rowan embarked on a journey to the UK which lead to over a decade of all kinds of musical interaction in Europe.
After settling in Berlin, Germany, Rowan set up a recording studio in an old east German radio station, the famous "Berlin Funkhaus" and the legacy of Berlin's "Tricone Studios" was born.
Almost a decade later Rowan's principal place of work has become "Screaming Leopard Studios" and "Revival at The Complex", both in Los Angeles, USA. The studios' reputations proceed them, as Screaming Leopard is well associated with the punk scene of LA and Hermosa Beach, whilst Revival is based in "The Complex", famously built and set up by George Massenburg in the 1970's to produce "Earth, Wind and Fire".
Rowan continues to work from both the Los Angeles and Berlin studios, but also on location and wherever the projects take him.